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HD Chinese Chess Free
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HD Chinese Chess Free

If you love playing Chinese Chess and got an Android Tablet, don't miss this. This is the best HD Chinese Chess, aka Co Tuong (Cờ Tướng) or Xiangqi (象棋) for both Android Phones and Honeycomb Tablets with high quality graphics and awesome features:4 Play Modes:♥ 1 Player: play with 10 difficulty levels of AI.♥ 2 Players: play-and-pass directly with friends on the same device.♥ Play Online, World Tournament: play with friends and other players all around the world through the Internet without having to register.♥ Play Online via www.VietSon.com which is the best Online Chinese Chess game site. You need to have an account at VietSon.com. This feature is coming soon.Special Features:♥ UI offers 2 different ways to move: click-n-click or dragging the piece.♥ Show possible moves, ability to Unmove, AI can give Hint, game is Auto-saved, etc...♥ Effects: the game offers awesome sounds, animations and special effects that make this great traditional game even more excitin...
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