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HK Guns
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HK Guns

HK GunsThis application includes the most popular weapons of gun manufacturer H&K, you might know more than one weapon because they appear in the most popular shooters like the Call of Duty series, Battlefield series, Counter Strike and other popular video games## App Features ## ✔ The most popular weapons of H&K ✔ High quality images for each weapon ✔ High quality fire and reload sounds for each weapon ✔ Detailed info of each gun ✔ Shake your phone to simulate a real gun shot★★★★★ List of guns included ★★★★★ - MK23 - USP - G11 - MP5 - MP5k - MP7 - UMP - G3 - G36C - L85A2 - HK416 - XM8 - HK21 - MG36 - PSG1If you like H&K Guns try our other free applications: ★ Animal Sounds ★ Battlefield Guns ★ CoD Guns ★ CS Guns ★ Desert Eagle ★ Modern Warfare Guns ★ MW3 Guns ★ WW2 WeaponsIf you find any bug please report it by email.
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