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HangMan Multiplayer
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HangMan Multiplayer

This game is intended for children who are learning to read and write. Type a word and let your child guess it. Excellent and fun spelling exercise for your child. Now Hangingman supports multiplayer over the air. One phone runs as host and the other phone runs as a client and guesses the word. You can also run to or more hosts versus many clients. If you whant to play 1vs1 on multiplayer just select multiplayer host on both phones, write a word, wait for your friend to do the same and then hit play. If your friend dont have Hangman installed. Just use the ingame notification to send sms/email with the link to the market and a gameId for him/here to use to connect to your host game.Version 2.0.3Changed online service to be hosted on google appengine. The service should be more stable now.Version 2.0.2Fixed bugg i notify tab.Version 2.0New redesigned UI.Added option to enter fullscreen for small screen devices.Version 1.6Added notify friend with sms/email. Autocheck host presens.Versio
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