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Helicopter Air Rescue LITE
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Helicopter Air Rescue LITE

In Helicopter Rescue the player will feel the adrenaline and have the experience of a real helicopter pilot. The main goal of the game is to rescue the many people found around the map and take them to a Rescue Center before you run out of time. The game is based on a career mode where you get points by accomplishing missions. You can use those points to unlock new maps and change your helicopter for better ones.There are a total of 8 maps that gets harder and more challenging every level.Each new helicopter you buy it, of a total of 6, is faster and can carry more people at once.You can save your progress so you don’t have to start all over again each time you play it.You can save your records on an online rank (only when you are connected to the internet) and check, whenever you want, the top scores per map.In lite version some maps and helicopters are not avaible.Resolution: 800x480Language: EnglishEnjoy!
Downloads: 200+

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