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Hidden Object by Nicoletta Muhari
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Hidden Object by Nicoletta Muhari

Hidden Object is the perfect casual game for you if you are looking for a fun, easy to learn but - at the same time - challenging casual game. It is a traditional hidden object game. The goal of the game is to find the hidden objects before you run out of time. You see on the left side of the screen which objects you have to find. If you find a hidden object you simply have to click on it. You have some help too if you really need it. There is a Hint button in the bottom corner of the left side. But use your helps wisely! You have a limited amount of help depending on the chosen difficulty mode. You can see how much time you have on the timer. The game has 8 levels and you have to gain stars to unlock new levels. New levels will be added frequently with application updates. You get stars depending on how fast you solve the game. Every level can be played on three difficulty (easy, medium and hard). You can get 3 stars for each completed difficulty mode. This means you can get 9 stars a
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