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Howdy! Zombie
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Howdy! Zombie

The Old West is in GRAVE danger! The dead walk the earth! Zombies invade the quiet old town of Palmton, spreading chaos and fear! Who will save the town and its people from these menacing creatures? Storyline:One peaceful night, the Zombies have risen from their graves and attacked Palmton Town. The townspeople were in for a fight. Jackal, the Bounty Hunter leads a team of brave individuals to fight against these ghoulish fiends. They have to eliminate all the zombies to save the town and the world. Join them in this epic battle!Gameplay:*Initially, you will play as Jackal and Jane, the Bartender. Switch between characters by tapping the avatars. *To walk, drag your finger on the screen to draw the desired path. You will see a green line forming as you draw.*To attack, drag your finger on the screen to draw the desired attack path. You can also tap the target to attack. *Recruit other members of the team in the Good Ol’ Saloon. Different prices apply per individual, depending on thei..
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