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Impossiballz | Teeter Game
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Impossiballz | Teeter Game

"Addicting", "A top free game", "99 levels", "Teeter On Steroids" "Labyrinth without walls" "Awesome I love this game, more addicting than teeter" "Impossible game, should be top free game" , "Fun Addicting"Impossiballz is a game of skill and determination. Who would have thought controlling three little balls would be so impossible, addicting, and fun at the same time? This teeter like game will keep you busy for hours on end.The game is simply hard. Like teeter, roll the big ball into the big hole first. Then the medium ball into the medium hole.....Levels 1-20 Get balls into holes without any objects to avoid.Levels 21-100 Start Avoiding the Magnet, Red Hole, Stickem and the Boost Pad.Hey, it might look easy....but its almost an impossible game.*****NOTE*****Hold your phone flat to the ground to control the balls in the labryinth like levels.If the ball always rolls one way, you may need to calibrate your acceleromtere.
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