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Juice Maker by Nutty Apps
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Juice Maker by Nutty Apps

It’s time for some juicy, fruity fun – with Juice Maker!Juice Maker, the ultimate refreshment making game is here! Get ready to make the greatest tropical fruit punch ever made. Be it a refreshing mango juice to be had on a coastal café, or a red grape drink you’d normally find in some exquisite restaurant, Juice Maker has it all! Juice Maker isn’t just about refreshing, chilled juices. Serve it along with side orders to whet your appetite. Cook up some delicious side orders that put even master chefs to shame. Put them on a platter along with your juice, and you’ve got the perfect tropical beach side meal ready!Make amazing juices and fruit punches using real fruits and sugar. Choose from a wide variety of fruits to make juices out of. Add your selected fruit into the juicer along with some sugar and pour it into any glass of your choice. Add some ice and turn it into the ultimate refreshment. Decorate it using a selection of add-ons to make your drink that much more cooler...
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