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Lexulous™ Crossword Game
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Lexulous™ Crossword Game

The NEW & IMPROVED Lexulous™ Word Game! It's the coolest turn based word game with more than 6 million word game players worldwide!The objective of the game is to create words on a 15x15 grid using letter tiles available in your game rack. You can use high scoring multiplier grid spaces to get a score boost against your friends. Letters have different values depending on the availability, for example the Letter A is highly available during a game and so its point value is just 1, whereas Letter Z has a much higher point value. Once all players have played their turns, the player with the highest score wins! If you enjoy crosswords, anagrams, hangman or other such word games then you will definitely enjoy playing Lexulous.This game play has unlimited levels as you are continuously pitted against newer strong players or, against the word game robot - Lexalizer! Apart from getting a kick out of playing high scoring words against your opponents, you will also improve your English languag..
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