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Lie Detector by Ape Entertainment
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Lie Detector by Ape Entertainment

Is it the truth or another lie? How can you tell? Sure you can spend money on an expensive polygraph machine, or you can just download the free Lie Detector app from Ape Apps and find the truth with a simple thumb print scan!Lie Detector is a prank fingerprint scan app that tries to determine if you are telling the truth or a lie based on your thumbprint scan. You can also set a custom response for the app so you can prank your friends. Meant for entertainment purposes only. Your phone can not actually read your fingerprint or tell if you are lying or not. But it's a great gag for parties!Features include:- Realistic looking scan tray and scan bar- Force feedback vibration, you can really feel the finger scan- Scan speed adjustments for perfect precision- Custom response options for playing pranks on your friends- In-app sharing options to share the detection fun with your pals on Google Plus or Facebook!Sure there are other lie detection apps out there, but we will continuously
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