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Lockdown Necrosis - Zombies
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Lockdown Necrosis - Zombies

Lockdown Necrosis is an action packed top down shooter. You play as a security officer in Monolithic Corporation tasked with the job of putting down a zombie outbreak in a research facility. Collect ammunition and cash from dead zombies, upgrade your equipment, your weapons and rank as you fight against 20 unique zombie types. Squash them beneath your APC in the bonus stages collecting mega-amounts of cash and finally defeat the zombie master after you've faced the zombiehordes.Gameplay -3 Game modes - Survival - score points simply for surviving. Your weapons upgrade automatically as you fight the zombies - in the end though you will be overwhelmed!Time Challenge - can you last the distance! 60 seconds of zombie horde goodness waiting for you...The Maze - fight your way through over 20 levels, with 3 levels of difficulty available (and a different set of levels for each level of difficulty). Rescue the scientist on each level and make your way to the exit before the timer runs ou
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