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This time you don't have to stress out for the exact name of the brand but you will be given the brand name and lots of logos for it.You have to guess out the logo for the brand name you are asked for.We can see various company logos every day and everywhere. On TV, walking along the street, in magazines... simply everywhere! 
How many of them are we able to recognize?Don't worry you will never stuck.After some interval of time it will aid you through self animated hints.Taking part in the “Logo Find”, you will find out how many logos and products of different brands you are able to recognize!Logos quiz more fun than ever!
★ More than 7,00 logos to solve, divided into 8 levels!
★ Would never stuck.
★ Self Animated hints.★ Easy to play!!!
★ No need of cheats!
★ puzzles of varying difficulty!
★ frequent application updates!★Highly Addictive, Hours of fun!!!
Downloads: 271+

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