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Lucky Super Slots
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Lucky Super Slots

Lucky Super Slots is a fun, social slots game. Push the button, spin the reels and see how much money you can win. Level up and unlock additional rooms with exciting new machines.Currently features the following slot machines/rooms:-Reggae Cats - wacky, music-playing Rastafarian felines jammin' good tunes-Reggae Cats Bonus - DJ the perfect party; get the max bonus and see the Reggae Cats perform in concert-Monster Soup - help the chefs prepare a tasty, disgusting monster feast-Monster Soup Bonus - Pop soup bubbles to uncover gross gourmet ingredients-Unicorns vs. Gnomes - witness the ultimate battle of goofy mythological characters-Unicorns vs. Gnomes Bonus - tap the gnomes to get Coins, but don't touch the evil gnome with the stink bomb-Creature Christmas. Spin the reels with FrankenSanta, the Bride of FrankenClaus, Were-Rudolph, and more! -Creature Christmas Bonus - try to escape from the Monster Motel. Good picks get you coins, bad picks get you eaten.-Bad Boys of the Bible! Play sl
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