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Majority Feud - Social Trivia!
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Majority Feud - Social Trivia!

Majority Feud is a social game with daily rounds and amazing prizes (the first prize is usually $500!!!).The concept is unique, yet simple: Guess what the majority of people playing this game has answered to the questions you are presented and get a point for each one you get right. Increase your score with the Trivia bonus round.This app is completely free, yet it has amazing prizes!*Usually, the prizes are:1. $5002. $2003. $1004. $505. $256-10. $10 each11-25. $5 eachTry to beat the world by reading the majority's mind every day.Also, get extra score using bonus points acquired for free. use these points to get Trivia questions where every answer you get right gives you another point added to your final score!The top players at the end of the tournament will enjoy incredible prizes. These prizes will rise as the number of players playing this game rises so be sure to tell your friends about this game (you'll get a bonus for that too!).We promise you fun all-ages questions.Don't forget
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