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Movie Quiz by S Quiz It!
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Movie Quiz by S Quiz It!

Guess the film! Let's play a fantastic and full of fun guessing game - Movie Photo Quiz. This quiz contains photos from the most popular films in the world. How many details do you need to recognize the film? Tap the screen to uncover part of a picture. If you’re lucky you can see famous face or popular logo and guess the film by first chance! If you are a movie maniac and like movie trivia this is a game for you. Is a small piece of a photo enough to recognize your favorite characters? Guess the movie and score points! The less photo squares you uncover the more points you win. Learn which films are the most popular in the world by playing the quiz. Do you know them all? Now you know what films you should watch! Compare your score with friends. Play and be the best!Download for free.Do you think some movies are missing? Write me - next levels soon!
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