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Music Ride
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Music Ride

Do you like to listen to music? Do you like to play racing games? If you like even one of these things then this game is for you! Or maybe you would like to play something like 'Audiosurf' on your phone? If so, try the 'Music Ride' for free!'Music Ride' is a game where you choose your favorite music and the game create shape of the race track based on the rythm and mood of song. Your goal is to collect 'rhythm crystals' - different colors give different score, collecting six crystals of the same color gives additional bonus.Drive through neon tunnels and city, or light waterfalls. The game has two play modes: normal - just ride through the music world and enjoy the racejumpy - jump and tilt your phone to avoid gray crystalsTo control the ship you can tilt the phone or slie the finger, in "jumpy mode" press the green button to jump.The result of your game can be sent to internet leaderboard 'Scoreloop'. The result is cumulative - your last score of the race is added to the currently hel
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