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NES-FC Lite (NES Emulator)
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NES-FC Lite (NES Emulator)

NES-FC is the high quality and fast NES&FC emulator. Play almost all your NES/FC games.This is the NES-FC Lite version with some features disabled. If you feel good, please buy the Full version to enjoy all the features!Features:+ Hardware keyboard support+ On-screen virtual gamepad with optional viberation feedback+ Support trackball+ Ten manual slots for save states with previews+ Game Genie support(Full version)!+ FDS support(Full version)!+ Multi-touch for 2.1++ Zapper/Light gun support, touch screen to fire, need to disable virtual gamepad!+ Fast Forward+ Screenshots+ Wiimote support+ Nes, fds, zip files support+ Turbo buttons***Button Design: Fede Stock (federico.stock@gmail.com)No titles are included in this app. ***Copy or download games to your SD Card and browse them within the app (default directory is /mnt/sdcard) and select to play.***To use fds, need to download BIOS file(The name is often ***.bin, e.g. [BIOS] Nintendo Famicom Disk System Japan).bin ) from Internet and tr
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