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ONLINE RPG AVABEL by Asobimo, Inc.
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ONLINE RPG AVABEL by Asobimo, Inc.

[4/1 add comments]ver1.1.18 code a1 err fix-----------------------------------------Ultimate graphics Action Online RPG AVABEL ONLINEPlay AVABEL ONLINE, an exhilarating MMORPG adventure with the best in smartphone graphics!Available for Android devices and Tablets.You can enjoy the games exhilarating features, such as smooth combo strikes, sequential attacks with jump action, etc.With the BETA Test version, a max of 100 players can fight each other in real time (PvP: Player vs Player), or enjoy action battles that occur in the vast fields of the towers 12 Floors. Going beyond the boundaries of OS, with users from multiple platforms playing together in the same world. The worlds stages of adventure are referred to as the "Main Tower" and "Dungeon." The "Main Tower" is a map where powerful monsters roam the MMO field (multiplayer field connected at the same time), while the "Dungeon" is an MO Field (Field where multiple players enter) with paths that change each time upon entering; a...
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