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Office Zombie by Fluik
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Office Zombie by Fluik

✮ Throw a Four-Leaf Clover at Zombie...he's always after his lucky “harms”✮From the creators of Office Jerk comes the undead hit, Office Zombie: where a casually funny zombie apocalypse meets the 9 to 5 office grind.Throw tons of objects that will ruin even the toughest Zombie's day! ☣ Unlucky, Four-Leaf Clover (NEW ITEM) ☣ Pulsing, Pussing Cadaver Heart ☣ Trusty Chainsaw ☣ Monstrous, Man-Eating Plant ☣ Flaming Molotov Cocktail ☣ Classic Hits LP ☣ Rusty Saw Blade ☣ Prickly Potted Cactus ☣ Handy Bear Trap ☣ Shiny Hatchet ☣ Cuddly Teddy Bear ☣ Slimy Undead Squid...and more!Or, aim for the Anvil and see if Zombie can catch!Use your makeshift arsenal to torment Zombie, just like old times! Grab whatever you have nearby: an explosive bear, saw blade, hatchet, cauldron, grenade, record or even a brick to torment the undead Jerk to death - or should we say, undeath!Complete daily challenges, collect daily rewards and take a s...
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