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Paladog Free
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Paladog Free

Paladog Free(Lite) version launched on Android Market, the apex of all defense games!★Dec/2011 Rewind 2011 Best Seller(Paid) - Apple App Store(KOR)★Sep/2011 'The Best Games You've Never Played' - Apple App Store★Sep/2011 ‘Best Application’ - 1st KOREA MOBILE AWARD★Mar/2011 'Golden Award(9/10)' - Pocket Gamer(UK) ★Feb/2011 'What's HOT, NEW / NOTEWORTHY' - Apple App Store★Feb/2011 'No.1 on the App Top List/Top Grossing List for 8 weeks' - Apple App Store(Kor)Introducing Paladog, the apex of all defense games!Reviews>- Setting a new benchmark for castle versus castle titles, Paladog manages to push genre forward by giving you a greater grip on gameplay (9/10, Gold Award) (pocketgamer.co.uk) - Hours of game play, great replay value, and content updates! What more can you ask for? (Review by Brantusk)- Amazing. I find nothing wrong with it. Just perfect game. (Review by ReidWassmer)- One of the best games on the iPhone! (Review by Frankie Cordova)Synopsis>In a far future,the...
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