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Paper War for 2 Players
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Paper War for 2 Players

A fun and simple game for boys and girls.If you like 2 Player Reactor, you must like our game too! The game is best for killing boring time between boys and girls. So you can entertain your close friends at the moment."Snazzy, hand-drawn graphics and three different modes of gameplay makes Paper War for Android a fun, simple yet challenging single-screen multiplayer pastime." --- by AddictiveTips.com"its funky hand-drawn graphics is visually attractive and its simple yet challenging gameplay makes it a great multiplayer game on the same screen" --- by Techsplurge.com"it is extremely enjoyable and the atmosphere of the game is great" --- by androidtapp.comFor 2 player mode, there are 3 game modes. Shoot mode, cannon mode and tap mode.Shoot mode:You'll challenge your friend with your cannon on the same device. Shoot the same color of items to get more points. Points will be deducted when shot the wrong color's item. Winner will be the one who first get 100 points. Tap mode:Tap the sa...
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