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Perpetually Precious 2
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Perpetually Precious 2

**Upcoming in Version 3**- I've listened to your feedback and am working on overhauling the app to be more like a game than a novelty piece. For those who will miss it the way it is, I will include a classic mode to use it just as it is now.Hey you! What are you, supposed to be some maternal champion?! PROVE IT. This right here is a virtual digital baby! For people who want to aww, laugh, or lean over the sink while eating, and all those mothers who have empty baby strollers sitting in the corner. Tell you what, put this app on your tablet, and put THAT in the stroller!A Virtual Baby that will never grow up! You can randomize it to see if you're lucky enough to get one that looks like you, or just pretend you're doing an okay job of babysitting someone else's!DISCLAIMER: We're not responsible for any complications that come from your emotional attachment to this baby!Grumpy Baby Features:- Customize the baby's appearance, the bedding, and the time of day.- The baby has some karate move
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