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Pet Care by MeTa
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Pet Care by MeTa

Take care for your pet. Make sure all his needs are fullfilled. Its an fun an rewarding game. Raise your pet to be big and strong. Make sure you pay attention that he stays in good health! Play fun minigames with him to earn coins. Buy him food and love. And let him sleep to rest out.this game includes- A growing pet that grows every 30 hours!- Live animations- 3 fun minigames to earn coins and fun!- 5 stats to look after your pet!- U can name your own pet!- Cleaning your pet!- Feeding your pet!- Loving your pet! Warning! Don't let your pet alone for to long, or it will leave you! Closing the app, doesnt means he stops growing, so check on him occasionally!This game is based on the pet care games from a decade ago. Its main purpose is to take care of your pet, and dont let it die. It remembers the date it was born. It's a game where u have to check your pet occasionally!I'm sorry for the ads, but there are only normal ads, no annoying or push ads!
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