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PetraVis Lite
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PetraVis Lite

PetraVis (previously called Steinkraft) is a game that places the player into a world made of unit sized cubes. Cubes can be removed and new cubes can be placed nearby other cubes (block extrusion). New worlds can be generated and are automatically saved. It is inspired by BlockWorld and Minebuilder. Two other great games by hobbyist developers like me. Check them out!NOTE: Loading worlds is deactivated in the LITE version. You can load worlds saved with the LITE version when installing the full paid version (PetraVis) on the same device.Instructions:Default Input & Opposed Input: (can be selected in the settings menu)- Use the two virtual analog joysticks to move around and rotate your view.- Press the circle on the top right to switch between dig- and put-mode.Alternative Input: (can be selected in the settings menu)- Use the joystick on the bottom left to move around.- Drag across the screen to rotate.- Tap&release very quick to add a new block.- Tap&wait and then release to remove
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