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Photo Scramble Puzzle
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Photo Scramble Puzzle

Great Puzzle game.Unscramble a photo with just a few moves. A brain teaser. Easy to understand, hard to master.If you like Rubik's cube, Sodoku, or cross fingers you will like this game. "One of the best new games in the brain puzzle category"Challenging and fun, with many levels to keep your brain humming for hours.You get 45 levels for free, and for one dollar you can get all 600 levels.Photos include famous places, like New York, San Francisco, India, Angkor Wat Temple, and more. We are adding more photos with version upgrades.More difficult than a jigsaw puzzle or slide / unblock me puzzle.Rules:The photo is split to boxes. Your goal is to rearrange the photo to be back as the original. You can slide rows, slide columns, or sometimes rotate columns. You need to move the box of each area to it's original location. You have a small number of moves, 2 for easy, 3 for medium and 4 for hard levels. Hints can help you find what's left to fix.
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