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Pig Rush by Animoca
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Pig Rush by Animoca

Freedom is too far from beyond the farm’s fences, escape seems close to impossibility. You must help Jumpy get out of the farm or he will be tomorrow’s dinner! Poor pig!This super funny and exciting runaway game is easy to play, yet it’s packed with adventure. Make Jumpy jump to avoid obstacles such as deep ravines and bonfires along the way; and catch the moving platforms which lead the way to freedom. Download Pig Rush for free to enjoy the following game features:♥ Cute farmland graphics♥ Easy controls: Jumpy automatically runs forward. You just need to make Jumpy jump to avoid obstacles [tap low to jump low; tap high to jump high; double tap to double jump] ♥ Bonus boosters to collect along the way [example: fireman’s helmet to protect Jumpy from bonfires; Power Up to make Jumpy the invincible running pig]♥ Endless fun and excitement. A very addictive game concept… guaranteed!♥ Ever-ready support via Twitter, Facebook, Email ♥ Unlock different themes such as...
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