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This is a Ported and Modded version of minicraft that was originally created by Notch.This game was created after watching Notch create the very basic original back in Dec. 2011. I then coded and re-coded this game to work on android.Some of the features~ Saving and Loading~ Day and Night~ Skeletons & Zombies~ Bone meal~ Torches~ Place-able blocks~ Beds~ More menus and settings~ Bow and arrow~ Buckets~ Tnt~ And MUCH MORE!Want to see what i'm adding next or want to suggest a new feature?https://twitter.com/pigeoncrafthttps://www.facebook.com/PigeoncraftOr email me at Pigeoncraft@gmail.comThis game was originally made by notch on PC. I have modified alot of the code to make it work on android. I have full permission from Notch to have this on android. Simple tag - Pigeon Craft minicraft Minecraft4.0~Brewing Table~Controls reconfigured~Added Bottles~Health potion~Invincibility potions (lesser and greater)~Fixed auto place of items~Get a lift glove on respawn now~Minor graphic updates~Mino
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