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Pixie Qualee Free
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Pixie Qualee Free

If you are a super fan of diamond or gem games like Candy Catchup, Bejeweled, Diamond Dash, Candy Crush Saga, etc. then you must try Pixie Qualee, the most exciting and adictive finger-tapping gem elimination game on Google Play!It's very simple:RULE #1Tap always 3 or more pills to get extra time.WARNING: If you take less than 3 pills, then 10% of your score will disappear.RULE #2The higher the level the more points you will win BUT... more pills will be necessary to obtain extra time.RULE #3Use the buttons below to rotate the board.This can be very useful to form large groups of pills.RULE #4 (THE SECRET RULE!)Tap a big group of pills in a single shot and you will be the champion.Pixie Qaulee is the most exciting action match-3 game you've ever played on your phone. Download it for free and try it now!.
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