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Plumber Crack
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Plumber Crack

☆ AWESOME Easter Bunny costumes for Norm and Betty! Throw stuff down the plumber's crack, without getting in trouble ☆More than 18 million people in 145 countries enjoy throwing stuff in the Plumber's butt!Throw stuff at the traditional Plumber Crack under the kitchen sink. Or, go for the second most popular crack sighting: the IT Technician under your office desk. And now, follow Norm and Betty down to the beach - they're gonna get more than sand in their swimsuits! ✮ Pick your plumber: Norm or Betty ✮ Toss things in their butts in the kitchen, the office and on the beach ✮ Choose from more than 15 items to throw in their butts ✮ Collect coins and earn Bucks to buy costumes, tattoos and throw items ✮ Complete collections over and over again to earn buckets stuffed with Bucks ✮ Arcade, Sharpshooter and Time Challenge modes ✮ Leaderboards and 55+ achievements - impress your friends and family with your crack throwing skillsEverybody's been there: y...
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