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Plumber Land
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Plumber Land

Plumber Land is a free addictive puzzle game.Your goal is to turn the different colored pipes in the right direction and connect them together to form a complete pipeline.When you create a pipe, one of your lovely dragons will finally be able to drink.Plumber Land features a totally new game play, lovely dragons and hundreds of entertaining levels.Your dragons are cute, colorful, and thirsty. Help them survive!
Be careful: the blue dragon will only accept a blue drink, the red dragon will only drink from a red pipe and so on...Make sure you match the right color to the corresponding dragon!As an expert plumber, you'll have to join pipes and mix colors to create new color combinations.The number of dragons and colors will increase as you progress in the game, making it very challenging to make all dragons happy.Sounds easy? Try it now!With Plumber Land, you have to use your brain and put your visual thinking to work in order to solve the challenging levels and become a dragon-saving p..
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