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Police Car Chase Prison Escape
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Police Car Chase Prison Escape

Police Car Chase - Top Speed Prison Escape! Your heart is racing, your palms are sweaty and the adrenaline is pumping through your system as you are about to download the most exciting and addictive police car chase - top speed prison escape game available now!You've just broken out of prison and you have stolen a brand new super turbo charged top secret police car. Put your foot on the accelerator and get out of there. You are being followed and chased from every direction, and you want to get away!Here's the challenge… You are racing down a super busy highway, its night time and its raining and there are cars everywhere. You need to keep your eyes peeled to the road and your hands firmly on the wheel. One wrong move and you will be back in jail.You will have awesome assistance though…your friends on the outside have arranged a team of drivers who will leave fuel for you to pick up along the highway, so you can keep the amazing turbo charged engine revved up and roaring while you ...
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