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Popcorn Maker
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Popcorn Maker

Want to run a popcorn stand in a movie theatre? Just want to make popcorns in your house? Can’t? Well now you can, with – Popcorn Maker! Popcorn Maker lets you experience the fun of cooking up the kernels right through your phone!Master the art of making popcorns and prove to the world that you’re the best popcorn cook out there! Shred the corn. Prepare your kernels. Flavor them, mix them and sauce ‘em up. Put them in the Nutty Popcorn Machine and watch as they pop into delicious popcorns. Be careful when you cook them though. Overcooking will burn the kernels, and no one likes burnt popcorn.Decide everything about the popcorns you make, starting with the corn – down to the very last ingredient. Make salted popcorns, caramel coated popcorns, buttercup popcorns and more. Select a container of your choice to put your popcorns in. Serve a drink alongside it and decorate your popcorn.Share your created popcorns; along with whatever else you serve with it, with friends over Facebo...
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