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Quiz: Good vs Evil
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Quiz: Good vs Evil

This quiz is about the final fight of Good and Evil. Your task consists of guessing antipode, opponent, enemy of goodie. And v.v., guessing opposite, good side if you know villain. Here you can find many characters of movies, comic books, tv-show and even videogames. E.g. Star Wars, The Simpsons, The Matrix, The Terminator, Family Guy, Men in Black, South Park, The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Futurama and many, many others.***Over 100 characters, try collect them all!***You can ask your friends for help (or share your achievements) through social networks like a Twitter, Google+, etc. Attention! On current time posting via Facebook doesn't work correctly due to a bug in Android Facebook-app. Sorry!***This fangame. All characters, pictures and other images, used in questions, are property of their respective owners.
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