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Quiz!! TV Series
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Quiz!! TV Series

Are you an expert in TV Series? Prove it.Quiz!! TV Series is a game where you have to guess the name of the character that is displayed (the character not the actor).Prove you are the most knowledgeable of your friends competing with them!- 390 characters in total.- 65 characters per level.- Access hints for each character.- 4 Languajes: English, Spanish, French and Italian. (and meaby more in a future.)IMPORTANT NOTICE: All characters shown in the application are protected by copyright and are the property of their respective owners. The author of the game does not have any rights to them and is not responsible for any misuse that a third party can do with these pictures. The pictures of the characters have been converted to 256 colors, have become to low resolution and removed any background where the character appears, so that their use is solely to be identified. This action will qualify as "fair use" under copyright in the U.S.Keywords: personajes, character, series, tv, televisio
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