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Ripped clothes of beauty
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Ripped clothes of beauty

This game creativity comes from the famous 'jump summarized' game popular in Japan, to experience the thrill of naked beautiful clothes on your phone. Speed ​​when the first sale 15,000 jump summarized magazine in Japan sold out, need to be able to meet demand for emergency imprint three times, to cell phones is unusually hot, out of control.Jump summarized the online version too, however, too messy, and most of the picture is incomplete, so refresh, this is the latest and most complete version, and many have done a lot of optimization.Edition game interface, game style, the number of pictures comprehensive upgrade and facelift, and the rub is a high-definition display, although the jump summarized numerous versions of the game, but this version can be said to Figure the amount impress.The game is not erotic game, so I can not meet the recommendations of some friends, made ​​full disclosure to remember that the game is a recreational game, in order to increase the playability o...
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