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Run Run Bear II
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Run Run Bear II

One Touch Game--Run Run Bear 2!!!★ Wonderful ★1.1 PreviewSoundwave ejector-- Let‘s give it a rock & roll music night!New clothing, come to give your bear a new dress!New Utilities:"Multiple Strike"--Actually it is a super bomb that can blows you out of the forest but you will come back finally."Rabbit Catapult"--The story tells that rabbits will use their ultimate tools to... make revenge!!Upgrade subordinates:"Golden Landrover Bird","Golden Forlift Chicken","Golden Mad Rushing Cow".Show your Golden subordinates,Make everyone in the forest envy! ★ Features ★Take a joy ride on some animal friends for a different movement. remember to collect spin coins during the game to win a special reward in the lucky final spin.-Good luck to You. ★ The Story ★Hey, smart bear boy, it is said that the rabbit king had a super sprayer in the rabbit base. Why not take it to fly over the jungle for those delicious honey which hung on the tall trees ?Come on, run it up and get a big noise...
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