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SNESDroid=====See NESDroid and GambatteDroid if you enjoy this app.Does not require root.Support true multi-touch. Can run, jump and move all at the same time. Requires Android devices that support multi-touch.All other SNES emus on the market use SNES9x 1.4.3 which is significantly more efficient but sacrifices accuracy, audio quality and game compatibility.SNES9x 1.52 port. This will not run well on older hardware. Works on all devices Android 2.X to Ice cream Sandwhich 4.X. This is based on SNES9xNext which is the PS3 adaptation of SNES9x. All its features will eventually appear in the Android port. Source links below. This does not run as well as SNES EX but it is using a more up to date SNES9x therefore better audio and higher compatibility.Visit us at: http://sandstormgames.ca/forums/IMPORTANT=====- Major update, please email issues to me or report on our forums.- Please visit our forums to post questions or requests.http://sandstormgames.ca/forums/FEATURES=====- Supports
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