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Samurai Rush
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Samurai Rush

*** Also check out my new game Scrap Hunt! ***They attacked your village. Many are slain. Many are taken. You must run after them, don't let them stop you, and free your friends and family.Make your way through 30 levels including 3 boss fights in this beautifully painted samurai sword fighting/running game.You die from only one hit so you have to outmanouver your enemies by changing position close to them or parry their attacks. Some levels are quite puzzling, but there are multiple solutions and the many checkpoints will help your progress.Prepare yourself to face countless enemies and tough bosses. Will you have the samurai skills needed to complete this mission?FEATURES:- Play the whole Game for FREE!!!- Earn Pocket Change tokens and get Free Stuff- Heyzap integration to Check In and let your friends know you're playing- 30 Levels with Multiple Checkpoints and 3 Boss Fights- Experience 3 Chapters with Increasing Difficulty and Unique Graphics- 4 Difficulty Settings provides Long-Ti
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