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Scopone is an Italian card game, a variant of the popular scopa, where you play with only four players in pairs, at the time this app the user plays in tandem with one of three players controlled from your smartphone.There are two types of game implemented, scopone SCIENCE and scopone NORMAL OR EVEN THE SIMPLE, which differ depending on the number of cards that are dealt by the dealer at the beginning of each game.From the SETTINGS MENU 'you can choose the following:- The type of game: scopone SCIENCE or NORMAL;- Game variants: Napola, Rebello, Asso Piglia Tutto and Sbarazzino or Scopa d'Assi;- The score after the game: 21 or 51 points;- The level of difficulty: EASY, HARD and Intermediate;- The deck of cards chosen from the seven types provided: Bergamo, France, Naples, Piacenza, Sicily, Tuscany and Trevisane;- The order of the cards;- Enable or disable the phone to vibrate every time you make a scopa.This will also include saving the state of a running game allowing you to stop and r
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