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Scrap Metal Mech ( 3D PvP )
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Scrap Metal Mech ( 3D PvP )

The year is 2400, the dawn of a new age. The age of scrap metal! Earth lies in ruins torn apart by wars long past. Everywhere lays pieces of ancient machines and toxic chemicals. Mining is a thing of the past. Enough of Earth's raw resources lay on the surface for its inhabitants to make use of. Cities and villages have formed each with small aristocratic societies. Tired of war, leaders have decided to solve their differences and entertain the masses in the Arena. Their gladiators are men and women who can dominate through controlling Mechs. Will you rule the Arena? Or join the pile of scrap littering Earth's features?Scrap Metal Mech is a full 3D Multiple Player PvP ( Player vs Player) game featuring several different mechs and weapons. Scrap Metal Mech is a work in progress, please write a review or email us with any issues or suggestions you have!Follow us on Twitter for sneak peeks at new releases:http://twitter.com/#!/WolfMobileDFuture Plans (to name a few):-Clans-King of the Scr
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