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Shooting Sheriff's Gun
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Shooting Sheriff's Gun

Pick up your gun, put on your Sheriff Star and get ready to shoot the bad guys in this Western Shoot'em up game. Shooting Sheriff's Gun is a first-person shooter in which you are a sheriff trying to catch the Wanted bad guys. Play thru a bunch of levels and shoot the henchmen before reaching the Boss. Duel and defeat him and the reward is yours Sheriff! For defeating enemies and bosses you gain gold that can be used in the shop. Either for buying new weapons, such as guns, rifles, sniper and shotguns, or upgrading your vest, boots and sheriff hat. You can also hire an extra gun to help you shoot the bad guys. A Sheriff's work is hard, you never know when you might need an extra gun by your side. Features: - Guns, Rifles, Sniper and Shotguns. - A bunch of different levels and bosses. - Hard levels for the hardcore Shoot EmĀ“up gamers. - Bossfights - Thrilling and challenging duels. - Big rewards for shooting the wanted bad guys. - Upgrade your inventory with new items. - Unlock ac.
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