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Silent Submarine
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Silent Submarine

Down Periscope! Surfacing! We're going to attack the enemy convoy!Silent Submarine: Convoy hunter is a naval arcade game where you need to control a submarine and sink enemy ships of the convoy. Your boat is the last defender of the coast. Perform assigned tasks and earn experience points. Your glorious career will be rewarded with new ranks and general respect.★★★Features:1. Single missions2. Career game mode3. 12 naval ranks in career mode4. Missions medals5. 5 prestige rank levels6. Highscores for a single missions7. 10 different types of warships8. 4 types of wrecks (obstacles while torpedo shooting)9. 3 types of weather10. Quick tips in the game11. Ability to enable or disable the animation and music in the game (for weak devices)12. Intelligent performance monitoring system (under the heavy CPU usage the device will automatically turn off some animation)★★★Tips:1. For a limited time you need to get the required number of points!2. To launch torpedoes you need to be on...
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