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This is the original and most popular SlenderMan for Android.3D adventure where the player evades SlenderMan while collecting notes without getting caught. PAID Version does not contain ads.DIFFERENT GAME EVERYTIME YOU PLAY:The notes are never in the same locations, so each time you play you'll have to search!ENORMOUS WORLD MAP TO EXPLORE:The player can now travel between environments: 1) Forest2) City3) House4) Desert5) Winter Forest6) Swamp7) Tropics8) Cemetery9) AsylumWhen you walk on grass, you hear grass. When you walk on concrete, you hear footsteps on hard surface.EXPANDED USER OPTIONS:1) Select between STATIC or SHAKE camera behavior when SlenderMan is encountered.2) Choose between ORIGINAL or TRADITIONAL (or none) sound effects.3) Change SlenderMan's behavior: POP-UP, CHASE or GHOST CHASE: "POP-UP" is the traditional behavior. Sudden appearance behavior. "CHASE" is the original behavior where SlenderMan chases you but he cannot defy physics. "Ghost Chase" gives SlenderMan t
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