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--- Do you dare to try the #1 horror app? ---He is out there, and he WILL find you... How long can you survive?Try the new, thrilling horror game inspired by the most terrifying legend of all time: the Slender Man myth. Download the game and experience a truly unique first person survival game. Your iPhone screen will react to your physical movements as you try to escape this deadly ghost...Do you have what it takes to survive? Tap the download button and try it NOW for FREE!----------------------BACKGROUND:You doubted the myth. Then you tried to disprove it. Now you regret every move you made.For weeks, you gathered evidence to document the strange things happening around you. As much as you tried to remain calm and rational, one thing was for sure: you weren’t alone.And one night he appeared: a tall man dressed in a dark suit. He was faceless, with long arms and no hands. Now, he is after your life.The forest is pitch black, far away from any sign of civilization. Your only aid is ..
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