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Spellathon - word game
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Spellathon - word game

SPELLATHON is highly addictive fun word twist game with a TWIST !Put on your thinking cap :) "challenging word game with a crazy twist"- androidgals.com"KIng of spelling" - androidzoom.com"Very fun and engaging activity for students to play"- Instructional Technology Integration Partnership , Ohio 7 random letters are arranged , with one letter in the center and rest around it . Aim is to make four to seven letter words necessarily including the center letter in each word formed , using each letter just once .There should be atleast one seven letter word. Great way to pass time while engaging and challenging your mind.Spellathon tests your anagram skills as well as increases your vocabulary !!!you would not have played anything like SPELLATHON !★★FEATURES★★★ 10 Languages supported - English, French ,Spanish , German , Portuguese , Italian , Danish , Swedish , Norwegian , Dutch★Online Scoring System using Scoreloop - compete with your friends to have best scores .Scores wi...
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