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Talking About Dino World !
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Talking About Dino World !

Read, Learn and play with prehistoric stone age dino worldTalking about Dino World is the best Free app available in iPhone & iPad App store in Educational Game Category.Dino World enlightens your child with numerous details of dinosaurs. Short yet charming intakes of herbivore, carnivore, and omnivore; which lets them grow a good habit of reading in the early days of their childhood. Reading along with visual aid makes your children mesmerized and intrigued to learn more.This app connects your curious kids to the encyclopedia that holds selected illustrations of various species of dinosaurs and educates them about the facts: length, what they ate, fossil locations (where were the fossils found), and time.By this repetition your kid can learn quickly and memorize everything about dinosaurs easily.This App exclusively is designed for Toddlers, babies , Preschool, Kindergarten and First Grader Kids. We include One Free Memory Match Game, One Coloring Book with Multiple Dinosaurs, One E
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