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Talking Honey Cat by red-infinity
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Talking Honey Cat by red-infinity

There's a sad little cat around here who seems a little lonely - maybe you can come and play with her and cheer her up! Honey Cat is a cute, fun, and interactive character for your iPhone and iPod Touch. Discipline her when she's naughty, reward her when she's nice, and when you want to chat with her she'll repeat everything you say back to you! Change her background color to give her a change of scenery every now and then. Try it out for yourself: 1. Tap her on the head once if she's been naughty. 2. Tap her head again in quick succession and she'll fall backwards to the ground. 3. Touch her tail and she'll look a little surprised. 4. Sweep the screen from the top to bottom and she'll lay her head down for a rest. 5. Touch her on her belly and she'll give you a happy little giggle. In addition, you can: 6. Feed her some dinner and make her happy! 7. Give her some candy! 8. Let her take a quick cat-nap! 9. Watch her swat away a pesky bug! **********************************you maybe lik
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