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Talking Ladybug
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Talking Ladybug

Great for kids of all ages (and if you're an adult, great for the kid in you), you'll never be lonely when you have Talking Lady Bug on your phoneShe's a little shy at first, but she really wants to be your best friend! You can poke her, feed her, and interact with her in several other ways, and you can even have her mimic everything you say! She can also be easily shared with your friends over Facebook, Twitter, and email. Try it out for yourself: 1. Tap her mouth, and she'll show you a toothy grin. 2. Pat her belly, and she'll be a little frightened. 3. Tap her head to push her back a little. 4. Tap her head several times in succession and she'll fall over backward. 5. Swipe your finger from top to bottom and she'll laugh for you. 6. Touch her on her feet, and raise it up for you. In addition, you can also: 7. Punish her if she's been misbehaving! 8. Feed her some leaves! 9. Have her make a cute face! 10. Have her dance for you! 11. Watch her practice flying! Features: -3D -Interacti
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