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Tap 'n' Crash
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Tap 'n' Crash

Tap 'n' Crash, lovely frustrating !Tap 'n' Crash is a game where you have to jump over obstacles. To do so, simply touch anywhere on the screen to perform a jump.Tap 'n' Crash is now MOGA Enhanced! Available at major US retailers and online at http://www.powera.com/mogaDifferent types of jump exist for different levels. An indication is given when you start a level and you can also see a little icon in the level selection menu. You can jump normally or higher, perform double jumps or even glide !Tap 'n' Crash is very hard ! And that's its main point of interest. If you find it too hard, then the game doesn't fit you.You can pinch the screen to zoom in while playing (or use the slider in the pause menu)You'll discover a total of 77 levels, split into 7 worlds.You can compete with other people thanks to the in-built online ranking system. Only highscores made in relentless mode are kept (relentless mode consists in playing every single level of a world without resting between levels).Low
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