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Terapets Collect Cute Monsters
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Terapets Collect Cute Monsters

★★★★★TERAPETS: 300 MUSICAL PETS,30 AREAS,EVOLUTIONS,FIGHTS,ATTACKS,OBJECTS, PROFOUND STORY,STRATEGY,MULTIPLAYER AND MORE FOR FREE.Teraland is a fantastic world where humans live together with some creatures called Terapets.They have always lived happily in harmony with nature and the inhabitants of Teraland.But, for some reason, not long ago, the Terapets have lost their melody and, therefore, their light and happiness... What’s the reason for this tragedy? They need somebody whose bravery and spirit will make possible the return of the melody to the Terapets.Could it be you?FEATURES★ Save hundreds of TERAPETS from darkness playing their unique melody with your OCARINA.★ Use one of the 7 OCARINAS to rescue and capture as many TERAPETS as you can.★ Create your own fighting MONSTER TEAM with up to 6 Terapets.★ Train your monster team to level up characteristics until level 100.★ Choose your terapets well among the 13 BASIC TYPES and their combinations to create YOUR...
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